Ilkem Ozturk: Instagram Star

Ilkem Ozturk, is a dear friend and that is why I can say so much about her. She is fun, beautiful, honest, sincere, stylish and just simply put-an "it girl." She has a very unique sense of style; feminine yet daring. She is always different and pulls of any look easily. If you have instangram- you know Ilkem Ozturk…a tall Turkish fashionista with gorgeous hear and a big smile. Read on to get to know her better.

1. Who are your three favourite designers?
My favourite designers are Balmain, Saint Laurent, Dolce&Gabbana and Chanel. I am also in love with Karl Lagerfield, Riccardo Tisci and Peter Dundas designs.

2. What signifies a fashion icon?
To be unique.

3. What are your two favourite colors?
My two favourite colours are black and white but I love navy and grey a lot too.

4. You have made your own jewelry designs which are sold in Turkey, do you wish to expand on that in the future?
Yes, I did a collaboration with Molu before- one of the best jewellery brands in Turkey and internationally and produced a line with them which I really loved. However, my biggest goals at the moment is to expand my daily online magazine IO-Project and make personal styling and shopping for VIP clients. Also, I want to make my own line of fancy dresses which would not be very high priced and would be an address that everyone wants to go to for both mini and long dress gowns.

5. What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is my lifeblood..It has always been a way to express myself, whether it is jeans and t-shirt or a haute couture dress. When I was a kid, I always re-transformed my school uniforms in the way I wanted them to look and always got warned by our headmaster for this as I was not obeying the rules. Even at the university, I remember at one stage that I was wearing heels every day as I thought flats never looked chic but now I wear flats everyday. I never get dressed for anyone or a particular place, so I might even have more of a summer look in winter when everyone is wearing fur. It all depends on my mood but I think it is important to have a personality.

6. What do you think are the most essential pieces of the wardrobe that every girl must own?
It is like a cliche but I think every girl must own a Little Black Dress and maybe one white one too. Also some black heels and a nice trilby hat maybe.

7. What are the two countries you want to visit that you haven’t yet been to?
I definitely want to go to South of Africa specifically Cape Town. I heard some amazing things about this place and thus I want to see the animals a lot which is one of my biggest obsessions. Also, I want to go to Brazil and Australia so much.

8. Is there something or someone who inspires you?
Everything..Everything inspires me really but I think Paris, London and New York inspire me the most. Even just sitting by a coffee and seeing all sorts of people come along or walking on the streets really affects me. But there are also some style icons that inspire me like Audrey Hepburn- my all time favourite icon, Brigitte Bardot, Barbara Martelo,Claudia Galanti Erica Pelosini, Anna Dello Russo and Lena Perminova to name a few..

9.Shoes or Bags?
My favourite shoe brands are Alaia, Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti, Givenchy and Chanel and bags Hermes, Chanel and Celine.

10. Favorite quote.
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde