Sarah Jessica Parker's Boutique

Sarah Jessica Parker has been building a fashion empire from jewellery lines to hand bags and shoe collections. Of course, she is the perfect person to do so because over many years she has been the ideal of all fashionistas with her exquisite and original style. The recent news tell that SJP is opening a boutique to host all of these different fashion accessories. 

Announcing on her Instagram page, Sarah Jessica Parker said that her fashion store will be open on December 8th in Washington D.C. 

"Today I reveal every detail of our long held secret! After many trips on @amtrak to DC, on-site construction visits, meetings on design and curating a very special collection we are opening our first standalone @sjpcollection store inside the brand new @mgmnationalharbor. The big launch is on December 8th and I'm counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until we officially open the doors. Because perhaps then I will actually believe it's real. Follow @sjpcollection to learn more over the coming weeks and months. X, Sj "  

It is surprising that she is chose Washington D.C. instead of New York-considering her Sex and the City fashion success. I suppose SJP decided to hit Washington D.C. with some of her fashion sense.