Anna-Karin Karlsson: INTERVIEW for BLESQUE

How wonderful is it to know that your creations look like nothing else, and can be spotted as no one else’s but yours from a mile away. A Swedish style-setter and a romanticist at heart, Anna-Karin Karlsson is a fairly upcoming eye-wear designer who’s eyewear has attracted international acclaim in a short period of time! The designs are graphic and strong, making a statement that no other accessory can possibly compete with. Read below to find out what to expect form the next collection and about Karlsson’s inspirations and understandings about women’s fashion.

 1.What does Fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is freedom. 

That is you like yourself you can wear anything no matter of other peoples opinion. So worst dressed lists and the opinion that women should dress their age makes me sad. We need to celebrate women, people and life and not suppress. 

2. How do you create such artistic designs for your eye-wear? 

I am an artist of many trades and as I see all my visions like in film

I often visualize the frames before I draw them. I love things less ordinary so that also reflects upon my work. 

 3. We know that you love music, and even compose music. Do you consider entering the music industry? 

I do make music but under different names, mainly since it’s very 

personal and that I need to make it not be know for it. 

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