Paris in Baku

Just think of that: Baku became “The place to be” recently. Museums, galleries, forum centers, concert halls, restaurants, nightclubs and fashion boutiques of course, are popping up one after the other. A certain blog can be initiated just to describe all fine food restaurants of Baku, this is probably the reason so many Azerbaijani food bloggers are online today. There are a certain few places with good cuisine and positive vibes which I would like to highlight, but first to start with is, sure enough, PARIS BISTRO.

Enjoy this little heart of Paris in city center of Baku. The location could not be more practical, situated in the middle of the main square. Oh, and add to that, fine French (also local) wine, atmosphere, and good service. This is the place you can come for absolutely anything. It is good for a dinner with family, a date, a business meeting, a lunch, a coffee break-what did I forget? Breakfasts! French, continental, healthy, just pick one. I come here to work. What I love about Paris Bistro is that they know how to treat their loyal guests. If you come quite often with a laptop, they would only repeat your constant order for a “nod” on confirmation: “still water, Americano, no sugar”.  

The menu of Paris Bistro is constantly changing - Chef Thibault Bera won't let his guests expect the expected. The Boeuf Bourguignon, by the way, holds the fort of the one you'll eat in France. Events, master-classes, special nights like “French Wine Night” - where you come for a buffet specialized in one region of France. Various chefs cook for you, each specialised in his national cuisine, making a mixed culture dinner. Last but not least, they even have a newsletter: an old style gazette, where guests can read about what is going on, as well as upcoming events, in French and English. 

Well, in one word, Paris Bistro is a must visit place. Take a book to read early morning, and most likely you’ll end up having a hearty brunch with friends.