Lip Oil by CLARINS

I don't know about you, but my lips require tons of hydration. In each of my bags, at every shelf, I always have a lip balm or an oil for the lips. Today I want to tell you about the last acquisition - a lip gloss oil from Clarins. As you may already know, Clarins is a guru when it comes to oils. So here again, they distinguished themselves.

Texture: not sticky, doesn't leave a heavy feeling, lips do not stick together and you don't feel the oil on them. 

Shade: As I know, oil exists in three shades - honey, crimson and red. I have a shade of 03 red berry. In the package, the hue is quite saturated, though translucent. On the lips, the shade looks natural, - the oil emphasizes the natural tone of the lips, gives them a slight shade with a glossy shine. 

Advantages: Instant moisturizing of lips and excellent nutrition - as a balm this lip oil works perfectly! Smoothens shells and makes crack-wrinkles on the lips less noticeable. Oil does not roll into the white film which happens with others balms, and does not spread past the contour. It visually increases the volume of the lips, especially if you apply oil on the a lipstick, but not on the entire surface- only on the center of the lips. 

Persistence: Three hours. 

In my opinion, the oil has a more caring effect than decorative. Price wise, of course, the product "bites", but it is definitely worth it. 

Contributed by: Rosie Beauty Blog