HUDA Beauty: Rosie the Beauty Expert

I cannot help to write a review about the Huda Beauty lipstick, because it's the best matte lipstick I've ever used. Huda is the most popular blogger in the Middle East, she works with several large cosmetic companies, maintains her channel on YouTube and is the founder of her own brand of cosmetics, which is really worthy of praise. I'll tell you about my favorite colors-Trendsetter (warm brown nud), Bombshell (peach nud), Cheerleader (red) & Material Girl (plum.) 

The lipstick has a very soft texture. I recommend to apply it in two layers-the color turns out much deeper and more saturated. It does not dry out immediately (about a minute) - for me it's good, because there is time to correct it in case of smudging. The lasting of the lipstick is wonderful, you don't eat it accidentally like most others, and it doesn't leave marks on clothing. It is desirable to moisten the lips (balms, oil) before applying the lipstick. 

The shades of Bombshell & Trendsetter are very warm colours and will suit tanned skin shades. The only thing that is not practical is that the lipsticks are difficult to wash off (I advise to wipe it off from the lips using lotions for removal of waterproof cosmetics.) 

Contributed by: Rosie Beauty Blog