The Coconut Oil Magic

Coconut oil is truly unique! It can be used for hair, skin, nails, sunburn and even for food!
Moreover, it has various useful benefits and contains many vitamins. It has - nourishing, softening, moisturising, 
healing, rejuvenating and restoring properties. I really like to use it for hair. I include it in the composition of different masks, and I use it in its pure form. 
For the best effect,apply it as s leave in product.
The Recipe for the magic Mask:  
1 tbsp. 
2 tablespoons Cognac
2 tablespoons Coconut oil.
Method: Stir, apply on hair, leave for an hour. Wash off with shampoo, preferably one time. This mask moisturizes the hair, strengthens 
it and prevents hair loss.

A couple of drops of oil is very good to rub into the tips of the hair after washing, as it moistens the tips and prevents split ends.
It's also great to use it for sunburn. The oil contains UV filters, does not allow the skin to dry and attracts a tan instantly. 
It should be applied for 20-30 minutes before sun bathing.
I also use it instead of a moisturizer, I just apply it on the body, on my hands, or on the feet. I also like to
soften my nails before a manicure using the coconut oil.