Where Baku meets Berlin: by Zeynab Jahan

Where Baku meets Berlin

One more place for Bakuvian сonnoisseurs of right places, or anyone, who is heading to explore this city. As a matter of fact, Baku is not known for having the best bars - the culture of bartending is only under way, yet the trend is growing quite fast. The bar I brought to your attention today has opened recently, and has already become a “must-visit” for all of the city guests. 

To be honest, I personally don’t like the “it feels like you are not in Baku” kind of compliment. But if you have ever been, felt, or understood Berlin, I assure you, it's simply impossible to not think of it by finding your way to HASHTAG BAR ( the name does not have any particular meaning, and can change all the time with an obligate pound sign). 

To provide you with a bit of insights, this place does not look like any other you'll visit in the city of winds. On one hand, its quite affordable and really simple, on the other - a moving bar, constantly changing decorations, and the cocktails of course. You see different messages each night, because the bar owner projects various phrases on the wall, depending on the city mood of that very day.That glancing vibe became some sort of a distinctive feature of the HASHTAG.  Good vibes сomprehend good music, no doubt. But don’t get confused, this is not a night club with beautiful cocktails to post on instagram. This is a bar, and the taste here is above all else. You can stop by before your upcoming dinner, continue your night out, or just spend it here with your friends!

Address: City Center, Natavan bystreet 1.