Introducing: Always Hungry Baku

Being a hotelier it was always part of my job to not only accommodate my guests and make sure they receive the best possible service that makes their stay memorable at our hotel but also to be able to help them actually see that my city is worth visiting again and again. I was receiving many questions from them about where to go and what to do in Baku and of course I could always forward those questions to our Concierge and forget about it, but they did not want to see general presentations that Concierge sends like 100 times a day. They wanted an actual opinion and they counted on me so I had to do this right because those people, my guests, they were really checking out each place I advised them to go to and afterwards they were sharing their own feedback with me. If they liked the experience they had in those places - there was a good chance they’d come back to Baku again. I noticed that they really appreciated the fact that I was not only bragging about how amazingly delicious the cuisine is in that restaurant, and the service was the best at this cafe, blah blah.. i was always telling them how I actually felt: what I liked and disliked in each and every spot I recommended them. 

Well..long story short (not so short though..) Around 2,5 years ago a thought came into my mind.. Even though I was good at recommending places, when it came to me and my friends, we were always struggling when choosing a place to go to. So...I thought, why not combine everything I ever advised to my guests to one particular list, highlight the good and the bad and save it somewhere where it could be visible to all of my friends? That’s pretty much how I created Always Hungry Baku. I never thought it would get so big, but eventually it did. Right now I have almost 16K followers, with my guests among them by the way :) And here I am, writing a post on how it all started and entering a new chapter as a part of Blesque blog. 

My name is Leila and from now on, I will be sharing my reviews, recipes and basically everything related to food - right here :) 

Hope you will enjoy!