Vintage Seasons & Stories in Istanbul

Vintage Seasons & Stories in Istanbul

 They say "you never really know a woman until you've seen her jewellery"- which I completely agree. In my opinion a woman's choice of certain jewellery tells a lot more about her personality rather than her clothing pieces. While shopping for clothes, it's inevitable not to think about whether the colour suits us or if the cut fits the body and looks as good as it does on the hanger or pictures; whereas jewellery choices don't require these factors, therefore you focus on the style, the vibe it gives you and maybe even the character you want to add to yourself; in my opinion, jewellery is amongst the strongest self-expressive fashion tools.

Now if I see a woman choosing vintage jewellery piece, there is no doubt that I would like to talk to her about what she does in life. These are the kind of women who became consistent visitors of the vintage jewellery store I have recently visited in Istanbul: Seasons & Stories.

Outstanding Pieces:

Having the largest vintage accessory collection in Turkey, Seasons & Stories is the perfect spot to find anything from Yves Saint Laurent's personal "Love" signed earrings to Christian Lacroix "couture" costume jewellery. You can also find vintage designer bags, especially the very original Chanel 2.55's.

Jewellery and Style:

Most of the pieces can be perfectly matched with off-shoulder dresses, large collar cotton shirts, poplin shirts and bohemian styles overall.

Personal favourites:

The black Chanel mine earrings from 1940s, Miriam Haskell crystal earrings from 1940s and the grey Chanel 2.55 reissue bag of 2005.

For those who are seeking the true "unique", vintage pieces with stories is the ultimate choice. I think it gives you a special attitude, a meaning within your style.

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