Kaia Gerber: The Girl of the Moment

The Girl of the Moment:

Kaia Gerber

by Semra Huseynzade


Kaia Gerber - no ordinary sixteen year old GCSE/SAT student. While majority of the sixteen year olds are going through the stressful time of exams and college preparation, Kaia has been waiting for her sixteenth in order to hit the runway. And the the global fashion runway has certainly welcomed the fresh face at its finest.


Carrying the legacy of one of the world’s legendary top models, Cindy Crawford’s daughter returned the chic and retro look of her mother, yet with a little bit of edge. Although I’m not a fan of such young girls becoming models and getting involved with the hectic commercial world of fashion, Kaia is definitely one of my favorites of the moment (being a fan of Cindy Crawford may have influenced me just a little bit:)


After weeks of reaching sixteen, Kaia made a debut at shows such as Raf Simons and Chanel the past fashion week season, which gave her an opportunity for a sharp start in professional modeling. In my opinion, seeing the more natural faces such as Kaia’s as opposed to faces with plastic surgeries (such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid) will be a lot more justifiable if they become “top models” one day. The only thing I’m hoping that Kaia will keep her attitude as a young girl and will not rush into the mainstream aspiration of looking older and destroying the “freshness” of her youthful charm at this age. 

Contributed: Semra Huseinzade