Sosters Brand: Interview

Blesque has taken time to speak to the Aya and Nicky from the SOSTERS fashion brand. Founded in 2017, the brand was created in Azerbaijan, by two sisters Aya and Nicks. It is now very famous locally as well as in Europe, currently exposing their merchandise at a pop-up store in London. The designers were inspired by strong, affectionate women who love to find fun at everything that they do. The brand has a very modern, girly and fun theme to it, with cool prints and flowing designs. The colour choices are always also very playful with bright as well as pastel varieties. This is an upcoming brand with a great potential at attracting the young audience with it trendy and hip style. Read on to get to know the brand closer.

1) What kind of a woman would you see wearing Sosters? 

Nicky, Aya: Independent, strong and affectionate women who love to find the fun in everything they do, including fashion.

2) Is there something or someone who inspires you?

Aya: Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham, their style is so unique, in my opinion they are the creators of the new classic look.
Nicky: I was always inspired by women like Diana Vreeland, Diane von Furstenberg, and idle rich heroines of Francoise Sagan novels, who managed to stay strong and stylish at the same time.

3) What are the two countries you want to visit that you haven’t yet been to?

Nicky: Nepal and Argentina
Aya: Kenya and Australia

4) What is you moto in life?

Nicky: 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step' by Lao Tzu. I repeat it every morning to motivate myself.
Aya: 'Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality' I'm a big a fan of Lewis Carroll since childhood.

5) How would you describe the Azerbaijani fashion? 

Nicky, Aya: It's booming right now, and in our opinion it's on a right path. So many talented new designers are trying to get recognition internationally, and we are very happy to be among them.

6) Who are your three favorite fashion designers?

Nicky: Giambatista Valli, Tom Ford and Christopher Kane.
Aya: Alber Elbaz, Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent.

7) Which materials do you prefer to work with, and where do they come from?

Nicky, Aya: Materials usually depend on a collection. They come from everywhere around the world. Our favourite material to work with is definitely velvet. It's the only fabric that always looks nobel in any design. 

8) What is the spirit of the Sosters brand?

Nicky, Aya: Sosters women are flirty, sexy, chic and full of energy. Our dresses will make you feel free, confident and gorgeous anywhere at anytime.

9) What can we expect from your next collection?

Nicky, Aya: Our next collection is inspired by our summer adventures from beautiful Cancun, Punta Cana, Marbella and some other picture-perfect towns around the world. This collection is all about palm trees, island vibes, sandy toes and salty hair.

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