The Pret-a-Porter we’ve been missing: Elie Saab

Contributed by Semra Huseynzade

Living in an extremely social-media-influenced world (thinking about Instagram immediately), many would probably agree that hard copy format is way behind while we use online sources and perhaps Instagram profiles to look for every

“moment of now” of wherever we aspire to be at that moment.

On the fashion side, the enormous coverage of designer collections, shows, presentations and other “moments of now” is one of the things I keep up the most while using Instagram, in other words, I try to be up to date with global fashion

industry and the “behind the scenes” of it.

Moving on, the Instagram feed gets updated at a great speed during the fashion week period since all the possible fashion/art publication releases the looks of most anticipated designer shows. However, I personally think there’s one designer that

definitely didn’t get enough coverage for its fantastic collection that I’ve been waiting for many seasons- Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2017 and Fall/Winter 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection.

In my opinion, looking back at the past few years of Paris, Milan, New York and London fashion week, I have never seen a show where I would be able to say that I absolute love the whole concept and collection of a particular designer

(excluding Altuzarra, maybe). The looks are forgotten shortly after in the viewers’ minds - I guess.

Yet, the ready-to-wear of Elie Saab is exactly what I’ve been waiting for!

Although, I’m not a major fan of its couture, the pret-a-porter pieces have absolutely impressed me with its wearable looks that could be interpreted for any kind of woman. Beautiful stitching, embroidery, colours, patterns, buttons, fabrics, forms along with accessories - basically every piece of clothing! The choice of healthy-looking models, fantastic lighting, make-up and hair- the attitude! The image of this Elie Saab girl is an incredible combination of youthful, bohemian, chic and cool- for those who aim to create the modern feminine look. In my opinion, it’s one of the best collections that could actually stand out as exclusively designer work:)

Probably one of the rare designer brands where you strive to purchase the clothing rather than the commercial accessories.


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