How to Really Pull off the Baker Boy Hat: by Semra Huseynzade

How to really pull off the Baker Boy Hat

by Semra Huseynzade

They call it baker boy, newsboy, poorboy, fisherman hat or nautical cap, however you wish to name it, this accessory is certainly not a fashion fad. You may have seen these hats on runway, street style, it girls and celebrities. Though these hats appeared at the turn of the century, they have been quite a trend all over this season, I personally love all the options!

Remembering the iconic moments when Brigitte Bardot and Kate Moss wore these hats due to their fashion forward styles and pulled them off in the coolest way possible; oversized black sweater, black roll neck knits, thigh high leather boots and obviously a black vinyl coat (always a style forte)

So how do the style influencers combine the baker boy hats today? Although the options are infinite, it looks like the major it girls, bloggers and others still follow the slightly Parisienne inspired looks by styling them mostly with black outfits, edgy glasses and pieces of golden color jewelry whether it is long necklaces or hoop earrings.

In case you’re interested in purchasing one, you may find fabulous options with celebrities’ new favorite hat designer- Ruslan Baginsky @ruslanbaginsky_hats