British Vogue December 2017 Issue: by Semra Huseynzade

The New Vogue

British Vogue December 2017 Issue: Edward Enninful first cover

by Semra Huseynzade

Tuesday November 7th, Edward Enninful releases his highly anticipated first issue at British Vogue; just google it and see how many sources are calling it a historic moment. Well, after 25 years of Alexandra Shulman’s “reign” at the magazine, the first black editor arrives as the chief

editor and the expectations are off the limit.

Firstly, let’s revise that Edward Enninful is a British based Ghanian fashion stylist and editor who became the chief editor of I-D magazine at the age of 18 (just imagine that). One of his greatest works include his contributions to Vogue Italia’s Black Issue (which was released in 2008 and has been reprinted three times in USA and UK, a major sensation of Franca Sozzani). I have

personally watched him on stage at the British Fashion Awards in 2014 where he received the

 Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator. His speech was majorly based on how he found the

so-called freedom of diversity (referring to interracial diversity) in the world of fashion (with

Naomi Campbell’s incredible support)

Anyway, as much as I appreciate his success, I also have to admit that, in my opinion, he commercializes the idea of lack of racial diversity at every chance he gets on any platform

(including his negative attitude to Alexandra Shulman and her not putting “enough” black models on Vogue cover for the past 25 years).

The New Vogue, Adwoa Aboa shot by Steven Meisel - the cover is great, it has an incredible vintage vibe and evoked a beautiful nostalgic feeling when Vogue was more about fashion rather than advertisement up until 1990s. It definitely is one of my favorite covers. Talking about race, he obviously had to put the mixed race model on the cover, yet I don’t really understand why she looks so pale and freckle-less.

Yet, I look forward to future issues and how the new editor will interpret the New Vogue and the so-called “diversity”. I’m also hoping that he won’t turn Vogue into the new I-D magazine just to give it a try for more publicity or sales.

December 2017, the new era for British Vogue has begun:)