Morning of March: Interview

This should be the perfect time to attract your attention into a nostalgic wishing for going back to summer, and shopping for bikinis instead of puffy coats. We would like to introduce to you a brand we have been following for a while now, and who are not only trendy but also elegant, inspired by the French Riviera with a strong emphasis on women. The brand is Swedish, with it's design office here in Geneva, and the production made in Italy. The brand has been born with a vision of travel, and meetings with vibrant women from all over the world, making it an even bigger attraction for the emphasis on Vibrant! Moreover, they are a sustainability oriented brand which makes us guilt-free for wearing it. We have spoken to Elin Frestad, the founder and designer of the Morning of March swimwear. Read below. 

1) What is the idea behind your brand? 
To create the perfect piece to take from the beach/ to daytime/ or night. The swimwear are thus more then just a piece for the beach, it blends in perfectly in your wardrode and works from day to night; as a fashion detail under your crispy shirt or as a body for a night out.

2) Is there something or someone who inspires your designs?
In love with the 50th riviera luxury. And all the vibrant women I meet when travelling around the world. Its true inspiration.

3) Do you have certain criteria you stick to during the process of creation?
Yes, we only work with very soft and comfortable materials and design wise we like mixing <mini and maxi>. For example we like balancing our signature pleats with a simple edge.

4) What is the moto of Morning of March?
Time is the new luxury.

5) How would you describe the Swiss, Swedish fashion? 
Swiss fashion is breathing luxury and top quality while Sweden have a lot of creativity and emerging designers combining contemporary with the Scandi minimalism touch. The both combined is a good match.

6) Is Morning of March eco-friendly and animal-friendly?
Its important for us to only use locally sourced fabrics and services to minimize the eco-footprints. But also the design process we always keep a timeless mindset and high quality in focus which makes the products long-lasting. This is something important and unique in todays fast-changing fashion environment.

7) What is the next step for Morning of March?
With an international growing market in mind we will narrow the focus to more multi-purpose one-pieces to bring from the beach into the night. Time is luxury and the more we travel the smarter packing we need.

8) What kind of a women do you see shopping for Morning of March?
Our typical woman is busy between carrier, friends or family. She's having a beautifully open international mindset and is happy to pay a little extra for luxury in her everyday life. Age is just a number!

9) What can we expect from your next collection?
Delicious shades of sheer fabrics straight out of a lavish garden-party.

10) Which country would potentially be an inspiration for your brand?
As I'm spending a lot of time at the French Riviera, this place is constantly inspiring me. 

Thank You!