A whole New Reason to visit Florence- The Gucci Garden by Alessandro Michele. (By Semra Huseynzade Aliyeva)

I remember sitting at the talk given by Alessandro Michele at the Vogue Festival 2016 in London and listening to his stories about Florence, how he would admire the city, how he would find inspiration at every single corner. Talking about the world-famous Palazzos and the Renaissance works all over the city, I remember him saying: “Firenze is one of the greatest things that human has created.” Agreed.

So in the city full of antique shops and museums, Alessandro Michele wanted to create a museum-like-store experience of his own. The idea serves both: Florence can be associated more with Gucci’s “renaissance streetwear” and a fun shopping experience in the city where the Gucci family started the brand.

The refurbished museum offers Gucci decoration pieces for sale and a great spot for dinner in a place where the food is served on porcelain plates with Gucci’s iconic paisley print.

The Garden is real, in fact it represents Alessandro Michele’s obsession with nature, “We are like animals, we belong to nature” he quoted at Vogue Festival 2016. I really think with this museum, Michele created the spaces that he couldn’t really achieve with Gucci boutiques due to certain retail formats.

For the Gucci lovers, it’s like the Disneyland with enormous amount ofaccessories, clothing and the other exclusive pieces of the brand. The whole idea of buying something in this unique Gucci space located next to Palazzo Vecchio, at the heart of Florence - it is everything “intangible” that a luxury brand can offer.

Even if you’re not interested in purchasing, make sure to have a cocktail in the green garden when you visit Florence!

Photographs by Anders Christian Madsen