Baku Shopping Best Destination .

You just came to Baku.  Wondering where to go after a long day of sight-seeing? In a cluster of shops, one may accidentally waste his time (and money,) without an impressive result. Here is a quick and very helpful guide to the most exclusive and original pieces!
When entering Emporium Concept Store, you can easily imagine yourself in Paris’s Collete store. It sells over 250 fashion brands as well as fashion books, magazines and trendy music. You can also find fashionable jewelry designers such as Repossi and Elise Dray. Need a gift for your father or boyfriend? There’s a whole separate section for men’s clothing in the same shop too. Unfortunately there aren’t many multi-brand stores in Baku, but this one makes up for it. You will not only find whatever you are looking for in this store, but most likely have a dilemma of which color to choose it in.
If you have a more avant-garde and funky style, and prefer to stay on the oposite side of monotone street, peek into Bisque. The design of the store looks like no other in Baku. Washed out mirrors and vintage armchairs is what I appreciate in any interior. This is my favorite place for casual clothing; from upcoming and young designers to famous and renowned ones. Bisque also sells accessories such as hand-bags and jewelry. Cosmetics, music albums, books and designer interior pieces are also on its list.
Avenue Boutique is great for evening brands such as Marchesa and Yves Saint Laurent. A perfect destination for gowns and cocktail dresses, for a more luxurious taste.  Besides clothing, it sells foot-wear, clutches and other accessories. The shop’s atmosphere and design is very opulent and offers satisfying service.
Sergio Rossi boutique on the Neftchiler Avenue is one of my favorites around the world. Its cozy ambiance and a very small yet well thought-out collection, always has something special in its pocket. The service is very helpful and the if you ask me its the best destination for shoes!
Dolce&Gabbana is a whole other topic which would take about a whole page of description but let me cut it short. A large choice of clothing, bags and shoes. By the way gowns are almost always sold out in this store, because it just so happens that Azeri women love their dresses long. Professional tailors, very good service and utter charisma of any Dolce store.
The Celine store in Baku will make you twirl with endless choice of the iconic designs in the greatest variety of colors. In fact I was almost sure the Trapeze bag didn’t exist in bright pink, but when a friend told me she’s made her purchase in the exact store, I knew I had to get my facts straight. Seriously if you want a Celine bag, just wait till you get here, because you haven’t seen anything yet!